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Professional Service

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We give you top-notch window cleaning service to keep your window clean and streak-free we are specialists in our field of window cleaning, enabling us to clean your windows safely while delivering you, the client, a professional and committed service.

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We are trained and specialised in gutter cleaning and will sort the job out for you in no time. You will probably need ladders to reach up plus the right equipment to clean and maintain your gutters, so leave it to us.

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After years of exposure to wind and rain, your home's siding or driveway may start to look dirty and dingy. Professional pressure cleaning is a safe and effective way to clean many exterior features at your home or business.

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We specialize in steam cleaning of commercial Kitchens and complete residentials. Steam cleaning can help you achieve superior cleaning results. Steam cleaning sanitizes, disinfects, degreases, removes mold, mildew and odors. Steam cleaning process is one of the most environmentally friendly process.

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Why Do You Need to Clean Solar Panels?

Dirt and debris can affect how much sunlight gets through to convert the light to energy. But, the amount the efficiency is lowered is minute – maybe 5% or less. And, with a typical 5kW solar system, this might equate to about $20 of loss in your energy bill.

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Pure Water Technology

Absolute Window Cleaning utilizes the latest advancement in window cleaning technology with the use of a Pure Waterfed Pole (WFP) System.

This deionized filtration system takes ordinary water, removes the contaminents and purifies it so that it is 99.9% pure with 000 total disolved solids (TDS). When used with a waterfed pole, your windows will dry without spots, streaks, residue or static cling and you will be left with just pure clean glass. This process is a low pressure, low flow rate cleaning process with a soft bristled brush and is not at all like having your home power washed.

As get a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Pure Water leaves a shine on the glass and cleans frames and surrounding areas without the use of detergent or chemicals. The pure water actually "Attracts" the dirt and grime and lifts it from the surface and is rinsed away. Because there is no left over residue, the glass actually stays cleaner longer.

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Smart Eco Cleaning Inc

At Smart Eco Cleaning Inc. we pride ourselves on using the latest industry technology. As such, we have invested in Water Fed Poles; an innovative way of providing fantastic results whilst causing minimal disruption. Eliminating the risk and damage to properties that is often caused by ladders, Water Fed Pole window cleaning ensures a great clean and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Water Fed Poles are also extremely environmentally friendly, making them our number one choice for many of our contracts.

We are based in the GTA but provide Water Fed Pole widow cleaning in Ontario. We cater for a wide client base across the commercial, residential and industrial sectors, and are constantly looking to expand our ever-growing list of satisfied customers. We also provide a range of other services including jet washing and domestic cleaning Regardless of size of contract or size of building, we pay meticulous attention to detail and are dedicated to providing a professional service with visible results.

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